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Statistical estimation has it that nearly 2,000 people die yearly and over 10,000 are significantly injured in crashes involving large trucks drive on highways. The numbers keep increasing and most times when crash incidents like this happen, those who get injured are mostly occupants of other vehicles either bicyclists or motorcyclists.

The cyclist fatalities resulting from truck crashes isn’t a good occurrence for both the victim and the company whose truck was involved. As a company, it essential that you take steps to preventing damages to cyclist or pedestrians when your trucks are making turns.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that has been saving lives and it is our attachable cycling side protection.

Truck Side Guard | Cycling Side Protection

The cycling side protection also known as the truck side guard is a damage prevention panel that can be compared to a fender that is fitted between the front and rear wheels of a straight truck.

When large trucks are turning, there’s always a risk of side collision which in most cases happens to be with approach cyclist or pedestrian, by installing the side guard on your trucks, you can decrease or eliminate the fatalities that might be caused by such collision.

New available custom fiberglass panel for all trucks

Benefits of Using A Side Guard

There are several benefits that a company either small, medium, or large can derive from installing the side guard of cyclist side protection on their trucks. Some of these benefits includes:

Installing a side guard on your truck can help protect your company and driver from the emotional and legal price that might be encounter due to the cause damage. Since side guards protect bicyclists and pedestrians against falling under a moving truck and being run over, your company or driver no longer have to worry about fatalities or legal issues.

For hauling companies and municipal sanitation departments that operate in congested cities, side guard helps reduce the drag of air flow underneath trailers thereby aiding the company in saving a lot on fuel.

By blocking the dangerous space between a truck’s front and its rear wheels, this simple but effective safety device prevent distracted pedestrian from getting seriously injured or runover by your company’s truck.


Compare the benefits yourself

There are several producers of different truck side guards, however, SANIQUIP truck side guard stands out amongst others in every way. There are so many benefits to choosing SANIQUIP side guard. Unlike other cycling side protection panel that are made out of steel, we have completely made the SANIQUIP truck side guard out of Aluminum.

SANIQUIP Aluminum Truck Side Guard

Fixed Steel Truck Side Guard

It harms humans by repelling energy

It is very expensive due to heavy steel

It is very heavy due to steel

It is fixed

It corrodes easily

Installation requires a technician, welder and painter

Features of the Truck Side Guard

Our Truck Side Guard are one of its kind. These guards are strongly designed to deliver features including:

  • Compatible with all types of trucks and equipment
  • Great installation flexibility
  • Premium materials for long life and good looks
  • They custom fit with all trucks, even those with tanks, toolboxes, sidewalls and bodywork.

Currently, the use of side guards is mandatory in the Montreal suburbs of Westmount and St. Laurent, and the City of Halifax, and more location.

So, why not do your company a good act by investing now in our truck side guards.

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